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Sakura and Sasuke, The Last 
late to the party, but I had to draw them *^*
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Sasuke bringing the sass
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I'm the strongest..And I will begin my journey into the shadows from this moment on.


less than 5 chapters left and we still don’t know what happened to tenten or if she’ll ever show up again in the manga…

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Why would anyone allow children to live in these conditions though
Sasuke living at the compound, post massacre, basically no wonder why he built up so much hate and sadness inside him and why he couldn’t let go, probably thinking about this 24/7
Naruto rejected by everyone, Konoha’s ignorant citizens don’t know more than to reject an innocent child and that makes me so sad still.
Why did Hiruzen allow such a thing, Konoha is fucked up.
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